When I receive an email with a long URL, Icedove (Thunderbird) does not wrap the URL in the message window, but instead shows the long URL in one long line. Additionally, a horizontal scroll bar appears, and I have to scroll to the right to see the end of the URL.

I have set all possible settings to wrap long lines:

Preferences -> Advanced -> General -> Config Editor

plain_text.wrap_long_lines   true
view_source.wrap_long_lines  true
mail.wrap_long_lines         true

Yet when I send a plaitext email to mysel with following (fictional) URL:


this URL is not wrapped in the message view. It is, however, wrapped if I view the message source (using ctrl+u)

How can I tell Icedove (Thunderbird) to always wrap long lines?

I am using Icedove 24.8.1

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Find the chrome directory associated with your icedove profile, ie: $HOME/.icedove/<profile_name>/chrome/

There should be a file userContent.css, (create it, if it does not exist). And add following line:

* { word-wrap: break-word; }

I have tried this on my machine, and it works with your sample URL

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