I'm trying to sync my emails from an old server "server2" with a new one "server1"

imapsync \
       --host1 imap.server1.com --user1 a@bbbccc.com --password1 fdsfdsfsfd \
       --host2 imap.server2.com --user2 a@bbbccc.com --password2 fdsfdsfds \
       --debugimap1 --debugimap2 \
       --tls1 --tls2 --debugssl 4

Nothing happens at all. It gets frozen. In thunderbird I use SSL/TLS and the port 993 and Normal Password. However, there're no such options in imapsync. When I remove "--tls1 --tls2" it produces no output at all and finished in a couple of seconds. Where is an issue?

  • Try specifying the servers as imap.server1.com:993 and imap.server2.com:993 and see if that works. Note: not tried, may still fail. – I_GNU_it_all_along Aug 17 '16 at 8:32

Replace --tls1 --tls2 by --ssl1 --ssl2

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