Whenever I enable a certain instanced systemd service, I want two timers with the same instance specifier to be enabled as well. This is what my unit file foo@.service looks like:

Description=Does something cool

ExecStart=/usr/bin/foo %i


Running systemctl enable foo@test.service returns:

Failed to enable unit: Invalid argument

If I remove the instance specifiers from the [Install] section and replace them with specific instance names (so it looks like the following), then it works just fine.


The man page systemd.unit(5) says that the %i specifier is interpreted in the install section, so what gives?

The following specifiers are interpreted in the Install section: %n, %N, %p, %i, %U, %u, %m, %H, %b, %v.

This seems to be a bug with systemd that reproduces for the Also directive in [Install] section.

However there is a workaround you can use that gives you the same functionality.

Assume you have foo@.service file and you want a corresponding units file. Add the clause in the WantedBy directive instead. Enable the .timer units first with systemctl enable bar1@test.timer etc.

WantedBy=network-online.target bar1@%i.timer bar2@%i.timer

The above works well to start multiple mpd services via socket activation using a service template and several socket files.

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