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Say I have two files (file1.txt & file2.txt).

file1.txt: (contains only list of words, one per line)


file2.txt: (contains lines (phrases) using words from file1.txt and more)

he has a Car
there is no food
I have a book
road is straight
Ricky is a good student

The output should be:

he has a Car
Ricky is a good student

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If your grep supports the -w option:

grep -wFf file1.txt file2.txt

If I'm understanding the question correctly, it sounds like you want to grab lines from file2.txt that contain words from file1.txt

This can easily be achieved by using grep and a for loop.

Basically, you can cat file1.txt and then feed that into a grep command.

for i in $(cat file1.txt); do grep $i file2.txt; done

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