My firefox didn't respond when I wanted to download a picture from photos.google.com. Then I clicked "x" to close its window which has multiple tabs open.

Then I wanted to start firefox, but it didn't respond. I find there are several related processes in the output of ps aux | grep -i firefox, but kill their pid doesn't work. How can I remove the firefox-related processes, so that i can restart firefox?

The statuses of the firefox-related processes are D, Dl, and S+. What do they mean respectively?

My os is Ubuntu 14.04. Thanks.


Per a related question over at Ask Ubuntu

D means the process is in uninterruptible sleep, which is why you can't kill it with an interrupt

S is for an interruptible sleep

+ is the foreground process

l means it's multithreaded

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killall -9 firefox firefox-bin

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  • thanks, but it doesn't work. – Tim Aug 16 '16 at 17:48

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