I would like to get the sha1 checksums of all files inside a simple tar archive as a list, or a new file

Without using the disk space to unpack the big tar file. Something with piping and calculating the sha1 on the fly, directing the output to /dev/null

I searched google a lot and did some experiments with pipes but could not get very far.

Would really save me a lot of time checking backups.


Too easy :

tar xvJf myArchive.tar.xz --to-command=sha1sum

The result is like this :

3c4d9df9bcbd1fb756b1aaba8dd6a2db788a8659 *-
1b7f1ef4bbb229e4dc5d280c3c9835d9d061726a *-

Or create "tarsha1.sh" with :


echo -n $sha1 | sed 's/ .*$//'

Then use it this way :

tar xJf myArchive.tar.xz --to-command=./tarsha1.sh

The result is like this :

3c4d9df9bcbd1fb756b1aaba8dd6a2db788a8659 z/DOCUMENTATION
1b7f1ef4bbb229e4dc5d280c3c9835d9d061726a z/getnameenv.sh
  • awesome. yes it is easy when you know the trtick ;) will try it out – carparts Aug 16 '16 at 9:48
  • I realized that I have a crippled tar on a busybox machine, so maybe you can also help on my followup question: unix.stackexchange.com/questions/303701 – carparts Aug 16 '16 at 12:18

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