I would like to get the sha1 checksums of all files inside a simple tar archive as a list, or a new file

Without using the disk space to unpack the big tar file. Something with piping and calculating the sha1 on the fly, directing the output to /dev/null

I searched google a lot and did some experiments with pipes but could not get very far.

Would really save me a lot of time checking backups.

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Too easy :

tar xvJf myArchive.tar.xz --to-command=sha1sum

The result is like this :

3c4d9df9bcbd1fb756b1aaba8dd6a2db788a8659 *-
1b7f1ef4bbb229e4dc5d280c3c9835d9d061726a *-

Or create "tarsha1.sh" with :


echo -n $sha1 | sed 's/ .*$//'

Then use it this way :

tar xJf myArchive.tar.xz --to-command=./tarsha1.sh

The result is like this :

3c4d9df9bcbd1fb756b1aaba8dd6a2db788a8659 z/DOCUMENTATION
1b7f1ef4bbb229e4dc5d280c3c9835d9d061726a z/getnameenv.sh
  • awesome. yes it is easy when you know the trtick ;) will try it out
    – carparts
    Aug 16, 2016 at 9:48
  • I realized that I have a crippled tar on a busybox machine, so maybe you can also help on my followup question: unix.stackexchange.com/questions/303701
    – carparts
    Aug 16, 2016 at 12:18
  • For mac users: you have to use GNU tar instead of the system default BSD tar for the --to-command option. Nov 30, 2023 at 8:15

This is an incremental improvement on Vouze's answer to make the output of the script look exactly like the normal output of GNU's *sum.

The following version of tarhash.sh handles the situation where the filename contains a newline or backslash in the same way that the current version of md5sum/sha1sum/... does, in case that turns out to be necessary. It also preserves the two spaces between the sum and the filename (or the single space and *, if you change the command from sha1sum to sha1sum --binary).

As long as the filenames are sorted in the same way (or if you sort both sides first), the output of this script can be compared to an original sha1sum output using your favorite diff tool.


(echo -n "`sha1sum`" | sed 's/-$//' && echo -n "$TAR_FILENAME") |
sed -z 's/\\/\\\\/g; s/\n/\\n/g; /\\/ s/^/\\/; s/$/\n/;'


# Note: In this tar invocation, make sure not to specify -v
# (The output comes out wrong if it is included).
tar xJf myArchive.tar.xz --to-command=./tarhash.sh > sha1sums.txt

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