I had a RAID5 volume in Centos7, the number of disks were 3 in the array. Now I am trying to grow the RAID5 volume with additional 1 disk but getting error while growing the RAID5 volume.


# mdadm --grow /dev/md0 --level=5 -n 4

mdadm: Need to backup 3072K of critical section..  
mdadm: Cannot start reshape for /dev/md0  
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    dmesg? mdadm --examine /dev/sd?1? Which mdadm version and try to build the latest one from git regardless. You could also crank up the /sys/block/md0/md/stripe_cache_size to 2048 or more. Maybe try a --backup-file too (make sure not to lose it so put it on a disk but not on the md0 itself) Aug 17 '16 at 10:13
  • Frostschutz, Thanks for your help, It worked after updating the mdadm version to v3.3.4 Thanks, Sourav Maity
    – Sourav
    Aug 18 '16 at 5:57

It worked after updating the mdadm version to v3.3.4.

Thanks to Frostschutz.

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