A couple of years back I managed to set it up somehow that I could write ae to get ä, AE to get Ä, oe to get ö etc. Without pressing the compose key.

Similar to swedish-postfix input method in Emacs, but it worked for all windows, browsers, terminals etc and I could toggle it.

But I have no idea how I did this. On Debian, how do I get started with installing input methods like this and activating/deactivating them, actually using them?

Outside of Emacs, which has this built in and doesn't need an external input method for it, I typically use dwm, rxvt, Firefox and Inkscape.

  • You were probably using some kind of XIM (X11 input method). This is a wild guess, since I do not use it, but fcitx-m17n may be the fcitx part that has swedish characters. There are other XIM's than fcitx, but most of them are for japanese/chinese (fcitx is mostly for japanese/chinese, but has a bigger number of supported languages.). – grochmal Aug 15 '16 at 0:19
  • Yeah, some sorta XIM or UIM or similar but I don't remember how I actually set it up and activated/deactivated it, or which one I was using. :/ Thanks. – Sandra Aug 23 '16 at 11:25

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