I have installed liveusb-creator using DNF on Fedora 24. These are the dependencies that were installed along with it:

liveusb-creator.noarch 3.95.2-1.fc24
python-cssselect.noarch 0.9.1-9.fc24
python-lxml.x86_64 3.4.4-4.fc24
python-pyquery.noarch 1.2.8-7.fc24
python-qt5.x86_64 5.6-4.fc24
python-qt5-rpm-macros.noarch 5.6-4.fc24
qt5-qtconnectivity.x86_64 5.6.1-2.fc24
qt5-qtenginio.x86_64 1:1.6.1-2.fc24
qt5-qtlocation.x86_64 5.6.1-2.fc24
qt5-qtmultimedia.x86_64 5.6.1-3.fc24
qt5-qtquickcontrols.x86_64 5.6.1-1.fc24
qt5-qtsensors.x86_64 5.6.1-2.fc24
qt5-qtserialport.x86_64 5.6.1-1.fc24
qt5-qttools-common.noarch 5.6.1-2.fc24
qt5-qttools-libs-clucene.x86_64 5.6.1-2.fc24
qt5-qttools-libs-designer.x86_64 5.6.1-2.fc24
qt5-qttools-libs-help.x86_64 5.6.1-2.fc24
qt5-qtwebchannel.x86_64 5.6.1-2.fc24
qt5-qtwebsockets.x86_64 5.6.1-2.fc24
sip.x86_64 4.18-2.fc24

Now I want to uninstall liveusb-creator again, but dnf remove liveusb-createor attempts to remove more packages than were installed (including Java, which I don't want to remove):

java-1.8.0-openjdk          x86_64   1:   @updates   496 k
java-1.8.0-openjdk-devel    x86_64   1:   @updates    40 M
liveusb-creator             noarch   3.95.2-1.fc24            @updates   2.1 M
python-cssselect            noarch   0.9.1-9.fc24             @fedora    301 k
python-lxml                 x86_64   3.4.4-4.fc24             @fedora    3.0 M
python-pyquery              noarch   1.2.8-7.fc24             @fedora    171 k
python-qt5                  x86_64   5.6-4.fc24               @updates    20 M
python-qt5-rpm-macros       noarch   5.6-4.fc24               @updates   137  
qt5-qtconnectivity          x86_64   5.6.1-2.fc24             @updates   1.3 M
qt5-qtdeclarative           x86_64   5.6.1-5.fc24             @updates    14 M
qt5-qtenginio               x86_64   1:1.6.1-2.fc24           @updates   589 k
qt5-qtlocation              x86_64   5.6.1-2.fc24             @updates   2.7 M
qt5-qtmultimedia            x86_64   5.6.1-3.fc24             @updates   3.1 M
qt5-qtquickcontrols         x86_64   5.6.1-1.fc24             @updates   3.7 M
qt5-qtsensors               x86_64   5.6.1-2.fc24             @updates   801 k
qt5-qtserialport            x86_64   5.6.1-1.fc24             @updates   190 k
qt5-qttools-common          noarch   5.6.1-2.fc24             @updates    34 k
qt5-qttools-libs-clucene    x86_64   5.6.1-2.fc24             @updates   132 k
qt5-qttools-libs-designer   x86_64   5.6.1-2.fc24             @updates   5.2 M
qt5-qttools-libs-help       x86_64   5.6.1-2.fc24             @updates   647 k
qt5-qtwebchannel            x86_64   5.6.1-2.fc24             @updates   227 k
qt5-qtwebsockets            x86_64   5.6.1-2.fc24             @updates   230 k
qt5-qtxmlpatterns           x86_64   5.6.1-1.fc24             @updates   4.1 M
sip                         x86_64   4.18-2.fc24              @updates   396 k
ttmkfdir                    x86_64   3.0.9-48.fc24            @fedora    107 k
xorg-x11-fonts-Type1        noarch   7.5-16.fc24              @fedora    863 k

Why are there more packages in the list and how can I remove only the ones that were installed previously?

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I don't know the answer to the first part of your question. If you have dnf history recording activated (I think it's on by default), you can use that to undo the installation:

sudo dnf history | head

will show the last few transactions, with an identifier on the left; find your installation, then

sudo dnf history info ${transaction}

(replacing ${transaction} as appropriate) will show the details of the installation, and

sudo dnf history undo ${transaction}

will undo it (if possible).

  • I'll just point out that ${transaction} is just a number
    – Yetti99
    Oct 10, 2021 at 15:12

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