I just downloaded and successfully installed this oracle linux/database pre-built virtual machine.

I was successfully able to login as oracle/oracle user and view the desktop with the red-colored wall paper.

I opened the terminal and did "ifconfig -a" and noticed my IP address is, however if I try to access it from my host machine (something like for a tomcat server) I am unsuccessful.

I tried to modify the network settings in Virtual Box from NAT to Bridged, hoping that it would give me some kind of a DHCP IP address (like one of those 192.168.x.x). However, after rebooting into the pre-built virtual machine and rerunning "ifconfig" the IP address disappeared but was not replaced with a DCHP IP address.

How do I get my host operating system (Yosemite) to connect to a server running on my pre-built oracle virtual machine? What do I need to change in Virtual Box's settings?

I have Virtual Box 5.x so it is one of the more recent versions.

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According to the documentation linked on the page you linked, port 8080 has no service running.

Please read the pdf starting at point 5.2

Also changed back the configuration to NAT. For instance, with your browser try for Oracle's Webcenter Spaces.

All necessary information is provided in the document.

  • I changed back the configuration to NAT and attempted to access the link and it did not work. In fact, I attempted to navigate into several links bookmarked in firefox, none of which worked. Does this mean I need to start these servers ? Commented Aug 11, 2016 at 20:59
  • bookmarked in firefox suggests you mean the firefox that's running inside the virtual machine? but yes, the documentation mentions steps to configure everything and how to start and stop everything, I suggest taking some time and just reading the pdf whole
    – madeddie
    Commented Aug 11, 2016 at 21:01

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