When I run the command zip arch.zip *, intending to add only the files in the pwd and none of its subdirectories, I instead get an archive containing all the files and all the subdirectories of the pwd although inside the archive the added subdirectories do not have any files in them. Clearly -r would be used to populate those subdirectories, but how do I prevent the empty subdirectories from being added to the archive at all?

Please note that the command is being run from a Bash script and I can not simply exclude any subdirectories by name because I won't know in advance which subdirectories will be present.

Surely I don't have to write a routine in the script to loop through the directory's files, individually adding them based on their file type?

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Use the -D option:

zip -D arch.zip *

This tells zip not to create entries for directories.

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    Thanks. That'll teach me to search the man more accurately, using subdir as the search term failed me.
    – mattst
    Aug 11, 2016 at 17:07

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