I have a system that someone else set up and I am unable to contact that person any more. I connect to the system both via SSH and a VNC server. I'm trying to replicate the VNC setup exactly on another system (VNC is used by some of our automated testing).

The currently configured system is Fedora, and I am trying to duplicate the setup on an Ubuntu Server system.

My issue is that there are many VNC packages out there, and there are multiple installed on this system. I want to make sure I get the same one.

dnf list |grep vnc shows tigervnc, x11vnc, gvnc, gtk-vnc, svncpp and multiple variations on those packages. Killing a vncserver session on this system shows "Killing Xvnc process ID 30174", but that seems generic, as all of these packages are vnc servers for X.

vncserver -v and vncserver --version are both invalid commands, and which vncserver reports "/usr/bin/vncserver" (and it's not a symbolic link), which isn't very helpful.

How can I tell which vncserver program I'm using?

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If rpm command is supported, You can do

rpm -qf /usr/bin/vncserver

which shoud list you the vnc package

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