Last week I've installed Thunderbird on a new Debian Jessie system using this -- without Multiarch; instability fears. From my previous system (Ubuntu 14.04) I've copied my Thunderbird profile directory into .thunderbird/ and redirected the profiles.initowards it. Sometimes everything works fine.

However, often Thunderbird just crashes. Don't know if it is related but two times also the system friezed entirely. Maybe this is related to this -- but have not enough reputation to make comments.

Here is the output of the terminal started Thunderbird.

_@_:/usr/thunderbird$ ./thunderbird-bin
1470683962553   addons.xpi  WARN    Exception running bootstrap method startup on {fe272bd1-5f76-4ea4-8501-a05d35d823fc}: ReferenceError: invalid assignment left-hand side (resource://gre/modules/addons/XPIProvider.jsm -> jar:file:///home/_/.thunderbird/5aibcqp1.default/extensions/%7Bfe272bd1-5f76-4ea4-8501-a05d35d823fc%7D.xpi!/bootstrap.js -> jar:file:///home/_/.thunderbird/5aibcqp1.default/extensions/%7Bfe272bd1-5f76-4ea4-8501-a05d35d823fc%7D.xpi!/lib/ui.js:407:5) JS Stack trace: require@bootstrap.js:141:4 < @main.js:19:1 < require@bootstrap.js:141:4 < startup@bootstrap.js:28:2 < this.XPIProvider.callBootstrapMethod@XPIProvider.jsm:4663:9 < this.XPIProvider.startup@XPIProvider.jsm:2734:13 < callProvider@AddonManager.jsm:227:12 < _startProvider@AddonManager.jsm:833:5 < AddonManagerInternal.startup@AddonManager.jsm:1016:9 < this.AddonManagerPrivate.startup@AddonManager.jsm:2782:5 < amManager.prototype.observe@addonManager.js:58:7
[calBackendLoader] Using libical backend at /home/_/.thunderbird/5aibcqp1.default/extensions/{e2fda1a4-762b-4020-b5ad-a41df1933103}/components/libical-manifest
2016-08-08 21:19:52 autosyncActivities  ERROR   onDownloadCompleted: TypeError: this._syncInfoPerFolder[folder.URI] is undefined
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    For a start run thnderird from a terminal. It does output a couple of things (and the libraries it links to also output some stuff to STDOUT/STDERR). This will give you (and us) a rough idea of what it could be. – grochmal Aug 7 '16 at 22:22
  • @grochmal Thank you much for your advice. Please read the [UPDATE]. Would be nice if you offer a short solution if you agree on my guess or have an alternative explanation. I will check it and rate you up. Best wishes. – alex Aug 8 '16 at 20:14
  • I actually know pretty little about thunderbird. All I know is that it is built on top of firefox's/mozilla's XUL (which is what is printing those messages to the terminal). All I said was a generic way to debug problems on *nix :). Now, If you can find the specific plugin that caused the crash (by enabling them one by one) you can add a self answer that may be able to help other people. Because of libical it looks like some Calendar app, but I cannot tell, I do not use thunderbird. – grochmal Aug 9 '16 at 0:25

Following the advice of grochmal I've started Thunderbird from the terminal -- see comments above.

$ cd /usr/thunderbird/
$ ./thunderbird-bin

I've remarked some possible issues with the profile add-ons. (Keep in mind, I've hard-copied the profile folder from an Ubuntu 14.04 system.)

Following I deactivated and removed add-ons with warnings and/or errors. Inside Thunderbird click:

Menu (horizontal |||) > Add-ons Manager

Thunderbird seems stable since.

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