Do you know if does exists a kali iso where bcm4360 drivers are pre installed for macbook usage? I installed the official iso from kali.org on my usb stick for live usb usage on my macbook pro. I had the problem that the wifi wasn't working. So I tried the many 'tutorials for fixing the wifi problem on mac like this one' but all of them didn't work since it gives me a fatal error when I type modprobe wl. So because of this I am searching for image where I don't need to do this procedure of installing bcm drivers.

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No, unfortunately there isn't any! I've tried anything you can find around the net. I also emailed broadcom, I called Apple Inc, etc.

I recommend you use a WiFi dongle - for instance ALFA Dongles. That works great!

But if you are expert in kernel, you may want to write driver modules for your NIC.

  • @OrkunAtasoy My pleasure mate, I will keep you informed if I can find anything.
    – user172564
    Aug 7, 2016 at 13:04

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