I have a Samsung Galaxy J5 which has micro-usb (as most modern Samsung smartphones go) which gets mounted under /run/user/1000/gvfs/mtp:host=someaddress .

While I'm able to use it like that but it is very inconvenient as all other usb devices live /media/shirish/XXX . I read How to force a device to be mounted as Mass Media Storage (MMS) rather than Media Transfer Protocol (MTP)? .

I installed go-mtpfs in the hopes that it will make the phone and the micro-usb card mount under /dev/sdx and use the naming function such as /media/shirish/xxx but the only way that would work is to write udev hand-written rules which would probably require maintenance as and when upstream (systemd and hence udev) changes how it function .

For something like this can anybody help me with a shell-script which might work for sometime. Also, does anybody if anything is cooking in relation to mtp:// and MMS so it is more easier to work with in the long-run.

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