I'm currently going through Linux from Scratch to build a distro. My reason for doing so is curiosity more than anything. I've not had any issues and learning a lot.

But, what I'd like to know is without Linux from Scratch are there any other ways to build a distro without using another distro as a base?

By this I mean if LFS wasn't around how else would you build a distro from scratch? I'm guessing Gentoo was created using a primitive approach.

Thanks for any advice.

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    LFS is a compilation of techniques that were originally used to build most distros. Really, getting kernel headers, building glibc, and compiling gcc as a cross compiler to build glibc and gcc once again in a new environment is pretty much the way to get a new OS. You could use a different libc or a different compiler, but you will always need the compilation steps to glue the compiler, the c library and the kernel together. – grochmal Aug 6 '16 at 22:16

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