I think the cause is a power shortage during the fsck/clean part where it only says 'dev/sda1/ : recovering journal' .

The computer will reach fsck clean and it'll say "recovering journals", so and so many files checked, the screen will flash and try to start Ubuntu and go right back, in an infinite loop.

I would assume something wasn't correctly written during shut down and that there are some corrupt files causing this.

I've tried going into recovery mode and doing everything there, dpkg repair and clean give me the error apt-get: relocation error somename not defined in libstdc++.so.6. fsck doesn't give any errors when in the recovery mode prompt. Unfortunately, my Ubuntu knowledge is limited, so do I have any options here? Do I have to reinstall my OS?

  • Your question title says that you are stuck in the boot process, but you managed to run fsck and even apt-get. You will need to elaborate more, because your question is quite confusing right now. Also, if you can run apt-get you should be able to get the output of dmesg which is very useful fro boot issues. – grochmal Aug 6 '16 at 20:00
  • What? In recovery mode, trying to clean, dpkg repair causes apt-get relocation error. On running fsck in recovery mode everything is OK. – enrm Aug 6 '16 at 20:19

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