How do I set a Wacom button to call a script? eg xsetwacom --set "pad" Button 2 "~/path/to/script.sh"

Manjaro linux 4.4.15-3


According to the documentation, you can only configure a button to emit a keychord event, a mouse button event, or some tablet control functions. So to make a tablet button call a script, you'll need to do it in two steps: configure the button to simulate a keypress, and configure that keypress to call a script. Of course the keypress doesn't have to be a key that you have on your keyboard.

You can use F13, F14, etc. as key names, or use any valid X keysym — for example, if your script starts a mail reader, use XF86Mail.

To bind a key to a command, you can use your desktop environment or window manager's keyboard shortcut functionality, or xbindkeys if you prefer a WM-agnostic method. For example, put this in your GUI session startup:

xsetwacom set pad button2 "cire key F13"

and this in your ~/.xbindkeysrc:

"~/path/to/script &"

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