I want to run gvim with a dark color theme, so that the tabs don't stand in contrast to the dark colorscheme:



There appears to be a way to do this in GTK 3.

Is there a way to do this in GTK 2 without changing the color scheme for all applications?


A hack solution is to edit ~/.gtkrc-2.0, wait until the application starts and edit the file again.

You can automate it.

Assuming Adwaita is your default theme and that you want to switch to Clearlooks-Zenburn, write a script called darkgtk2start and make it executable with chmod +x filename:

sed -i 's/gtk-theme-name="Adwaita"/gtk-theme-name="Clearlooks-Zenburn"/' ~/.gtkrc-2.0
sleep 1
sed -i 's/gtk-theme-name="Clearlooks-Zenburn"/gtk-theme-name="Adwaita"/' ~/.gtkrc-2.0

Now you can start gvim dark by running:

./darkgtk2start gvim

If you move the script to a location in your PATH (.local/bin/ is a common one) you don't have to use ./ any more and you can replace the gvim command by adding the following line to ~/.bashrc:

alias gvim='darkgtk2start gvim'
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