I tried to remove some services from startup using various software like:

  • bum
  • sysv-rc-conf
  • rcconf

But... some services are still executed, like MySQL, OpenVPN, MongoDB etc.

I wonder if I am missing something, I did not understand what systemd is used for. Maybe these software are deprecated and should not be used anymore... Therefore, I do not see all services in it, VBox services are load but I cannot see them is these software.

I am just trying to save my battery's life.

Here's a screenshot from sysv-rc-conf.

enter image description here

  • Well, systemd is what actually manages all daemon processes on your system. How did you remove services from the startup? Was it not using systemd (systemctl)?
    – grochmal
    Aug 3, 2016 at 23:08

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Use # systemctl disable <your_service> to disable it.

  • I'm glad to help you. Please mark it as "answered". Aug 15, 2016 at 16:56

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