Is there a way to retrieve solaris IPS packages from the Oracle repositories from a RedHat machine?

I found https://java.net/projects/ips (which seems maintained) and tried to compile it on RedHat, eventually ending up at some errors like:

_pspawn.c:497:21: error: ‘posix_spawn_file_actions_t’ has no member named ‘__file_attrp’
{ void * *tmp = &p->__file_attrp; (void)tmp; }
_pspawn.c: In function ‘_cffi_checkfld_typedef_posix_spawnattr_t’:
_pspawn.c:506:21: error: ‘posix_spawnattr_t’ has no member named ‘__spawn_attrp’
{ void * *tmp = &p->__spawn_attrp; (void)tmp; }

The files from that project are a bit misleading (we even have .bat files there ...). Can that actually be compiled on a non-Solaris machine or is there an alternative?

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It probably won't compile on a non-Solaris machine as it is, since we're using some posix_spawn() extensions that are likely not available elsewhere. It shouldn't be hard to tweak that to work on Linux, though.

The .bat files are there from an old phase of the project, where there was a requirement for it to work on a number of operating systems (including Windows). That's no longer a requirement, but we haven't gotten rid of all the detritus. Patches to build on Linux, though, would be appreciated, assuming we can figure out the copyright assignment nonsense.

  • I'd love to take a crack at getting it to compile on Linux, but getting the time to do it would be a problem. Anything you can add to help would make it easier. (FWIW, I have a running copy of QFS that I compiled from the source Sun released - with extended attributes. And yes, it's nice and FAST. One of these days I'll post it to Github.) Aug 14, 2016 at 2:13

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