I am inside a screen session, and from there want to launch another screen. However I don't want the new screen to be within the existing ( or a child process of the existing ).

I.e. if I simply start screen from the existing screen I get a process tree like this:

├── screen 1
│    └── screen 2

but I want:

├── screen 1
├── screen 2

From the manpage, the -m option is what you want

   -m   causes screen  to  ignore  the  $STY  environment  variable.  With
        "screen  -m"  creation  of  a  new session is enforced, regardless
        whether screen is called from within  another  screen  session  or


$ screen -m

should do what you want.

This second screen instance can then be independently detached, re-attached, etc. If you want this second screen to start off detached then -d -m is a good option pair.

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