I had a directory such that

$ ls
$ README.md testA.c testB.c a_large_folder another_folder

my most recent add->commit->push consisted of

$ README.md testA.c

Normally, my lazy self is used to doing git add . but this time I simply wanted to add a_large_folder.

When I did,

$ git add a_large_folder

I was prompted back fatal: pathspec 'a_large_folder' did not match any files. So of course I googled "git add folders" with the first SO answer saying to git add <folder>/*.

Well, I stupidly wrote git add a_large_folder\ (notice the wrong slash). This resulted in,


as if it executed an interpeter. I, again being stupid, wrote :q because I've been in vim all day so I wasn't thinking about whether that would actually quit or not.

Now, all of my files after my most recent commit are gone; aka only READ.md testA.c are left in my directory. The other stuff appears as if it's been rm -rf

Not a big deal but curious why this deleted my files/folders in this directory.


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My guess: you did not have the directory a_large_folder inside when running git add.

This is the only reason for git add a_large_folder to report:

pathspec 'a_large_folder' did not match any files

The syntax is correct and works for either for specific files as well as for a containing directory. See add.c.

If you confirmed your second command which you split over several lines, it also failed with:

fatal: pathspec 'a_large_folder:q' did not match any files

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