Is it possible to have rsync respect copy-on-write files from filesystems like btrfs?

I've been trying some tests of syncing a 1GB file and a copy-on-write clone of this file (so 1GB shared between them) from one btrfs fs to another but rsync will send 2GB of data and when I do btrfs filesystem du on the received files there are 0 bytes shared. So rsync is just creating a new copy rather than a CoW copy on the receiving end.


This is not a feature that rsync currently supports.

However, you could work around this in a few ways:

  • Let rsync transfer both files, then deduplicate them on the remote end with a btrfs deduplication tool.
  • Place the files on their own btrfs subvolume, and use btrfs send with btrfs receive.
  • rsync one of the files, create a clone of it, then use --checksum --inplace --no-whole-file to force rsync to patch the second file with just the differences from the first file.
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