My partition in Linux Mint 18 is in need of repair, but first I will backup some files using a Live CD. I can't copy the two files that I want, Bookmarks and Bookmarks.bak, because I am not the owner thus don't have permissions. How can I become the owner and obtain permissions?

When I open Nemo, I can access my hard drive from the sidebar. Since I am not owner, I had tried gksudo nemo. When Nemo opened with privileges, The hard drive wasn't listed in the sidebar. The files path is:


  • sudo bash should work in a liveCD, from there you can use plain cp -r (or rsync, or even scp given you have connectivity and a network drive to backup things to). – grochmal Jul 27 '16 at 20:51

You need to be root in the livecd (sudo should work) to copy files. If you want to preserve permissions, pass --preserve=all; you can also pass -a to imply -dR --preserve=all (-d preserves symbolic links; if you don't know what this means, you probably want to preserve them).


cp -a /media/mint/bfcc9b0f-abbf-49cc-86a7-4b97475bf409/home/luis/.config/chromium/Default /path/to/destination
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  • I did this: sudo su cp -a /media/mint/bfcc9b0f-abbf-49cc-86a7-4b97475bf409/home/luis/.config/chromium/Default /home/Mint/Desktop And got this: cp: cannot start /media/mint/bfcc9b0f-abbf-49cc-86a7-4b97475bf409/home/luis/.config/chromium/Default': No such file or directory – Luis Piña III Jul 30 '16 at 18:57

I managed to copy the files using a Debian LiveCD. I didn't even need to become root, and I could copy them straight from the graphical desktop environment.

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