I have a weird problem. I have an OpenVPN server up and running. When my VPN clients (10.0.0.x) try to connect to another machines (192.168.0.x), they fail (I tried netcat, telnet and SIP). If I perform a ping from the same client (10.0.0.x) to the same machines (192.168.0.x), it works, and suddenly the services (netcat, telnet, sip, etc) also start to work.


If you have 192.168.0.x machines behind VPN server, then you should probably add something like that to your OpenVPN server configuration:

push "route"

Issue is definitely strange, but my guess is that it is related to absent route between 10.0.0.x, VPN server and 192.168.0.x

  • Thank you Pavel. I have the route in VPN conf. The connection isnt completely broken because it works after ping, and thats what is confusing me. – doublezero Jul 27 '16 at 16:47

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