I've got some sort of home entertainment system running an old version of Linux 2.6. It has a SATA > USB bridge system and a couple of USB ports. What I want to do is use it as Network Attached Storage.

Now, luckily, it has an open and accessible telnet server running.

The problem is, I can't find where the kernel, nor the init system are. The box is running BusyBox.

The board has a single flash chip on it. But, under sysfs in block/ I see multiple flash chips:

/sys/block # ls
mtdblock0  mtdblock2  mtdblock4
mtdblock1  mtdblock3

Why is that btw?

Now, I want to create a /dev entry for them so I can dump each of them to a USB flash drive and analyze them.

So I did this:

/sys/block # cat /sys/block/mtdblock0/dev

And ..

mknod /dev/mtdblock0 c 31 0

Which exited with 0, then I try to read raw data to test the device:

/sys/block # cat /dev/mtdblock0 
cat: /dev/mtdblock0: No such device or address

Why is that? dd is saying the same. There is entries in /proc/devices:

/sys/block # cat /proc/devices 
Character devices:
  1 mem

{ ... }

Block devices:
  1 ramdisk
  7 loop
  8 sd
 31 mtdblock

{ ... }
mknod /dev/mtdblock0 c 31 0

You created a character device. You wanted a block device. So use b instead of c in the mknod command.

Block device numbers and character device numbers are independent. Block device 31:0 is unrelated to character device 31:0. Your kernel has no driver for character device 31:0, hence the “No such device or address” error.

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