I've checked that my Mac supports WOL under MacOS, but running sudo ethtool wlp2s0b1 under Arch (according to the Wiki), I see only

Settings for wlp2s0b1:
        Link detected: yes

and sudo ethtool -s wlp2s0b1 wol g returns

Cannot get current wake-on-lan settings: Operation not supported
  not setting wol

Any ideas?


Wake-on-LAN with ethtool doesn't seem to work for Wi-Fi. From their website:

ethtool is the standard Linux utility for controlling network drivers and hardware, particularly for wired Ethernet devices.

From the name, wlp2s0b1, it seems to be a Wireless device. Check the correct device name.

If you get Operation not supported (using sudo or with a privileged user), the drivers might not support WOL.

  • It does work with Wi-Fi under MacOS (from sleep, not poweroff). – Toothrot Jul 26 '16 at 19:57

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