I changed the keybinding to Show the activities overview in the panel System Settings / Keyboard / Shortcuts to Shift-ESC, but the left-meta or left-windows key is still bringing it up.

How do I disable that binding?

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In recent GNOME use:

gsettings set org.gnome.mutter overlay-key ''

and to restore the default keybinding use:

gsettings set org.gnome.mutter overlay-key 'Super_L'

borrowed from here.

 gconftool -s /apps/mutter/general/overlay_key -t string "Super_R"

worked (after shell restart) for me. Instead of Super_R feel free to put name of any key which doesn't exist on your keyboard.


This worked for me: At Tweak Tool > Typing > Alt/Win Key behavior, select Meta is mapped to Left Win, this replaces the Left (but not right) Win key with a dummy alt key which otherwise works like the Win key but doesn't toggle Activities (and I saw that from Florence virtual keyboard).

Original answer is here.

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