I configured Mutt to correctly move messages to trash in Gmail (instead of just archiving, which seems to be the default behaviour) using the well-known trash patch:

set trash = "imaps://jviottidc@imap.gmail.com/[Gmail]/Trash"

Is there a way to configure Mutt to move messages to my Gmail Trash folder without using a custom patch?

I'm running:

$ mutt -v
Mutt 1.6.2 (2016-07-01)

The newest version of mutt now incorporates the trash patch, so simply by upgrading to mutt 1.7.0 or later should give you the desired behavior.

From the ChangeLog for 1.7.0:

  + $trash, when set, specifies the path of the folder where mails
    marked for deletion will be moved, instead of being irremediably
  + The  function can be used to delete an entry and
    bypass the trash folder.

I've been using the trash patch for a long time (and occasionally updating it to apply to new versions), so this is a welcome addition.

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