In OpenSolaris and the Solaris-version around that time, the solaris.grant auth wasn't included in solaris.* and had to be explicitly added. For example, from the definition of the Primary Administrator-role:

Primary Administrator:RO::\
Can perform all administrative tasks:\

solaris.grant bestowed the ability to grant any role, auth, profile, etc. to any user. There were also another one (possibly solaris.delegate) which only let you bestow other users with privileges equal-or-less to your own.

  • Was this auth (was it solaris.delegate ?) also not included included in solaris.* , and thus had to be specified separately?

Now (newer Solaris versions) solaris.grant and the other one have been split into multiple auths to fine-tune which privileges that a user assign (meaning any privilege, like solaris.grant) or delegate (meaning just privilege equal-or-less to the user's own). For example:

solaris.auth.assign solaris.auth.delegate solaris.group.assign solaris.group.delegate solaris.privilege.assign solaris.privilege.delegate solaris.profile.assign solaris.profile.delegate solaris.role.assign solaris.role.delegate

  • Must all/some of these still be explicitly assigned (eg. "solaris.*,solaris.profile.assign") , or are all/some now included in solaris.* ?

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