I would like to ask if how can I remove the space in the beginning of the stored data of the variable. I had an auto-generated script that will get MySQL COUNT from the DB.

MYSQL COUNT SCRIPT-> .ini file (variable holder / parameters) -> report-script

This mean that I have script that will count the some data in the database then it will data will stored in a text(.ini) file as variable then a another script will read the file and look for the variable.

Under the db-count-script.sh here some of related codes on my problem.

mysql_count=$(mysql ... -e"USE my_db;SELECT COUNT(*) FROM my_db.sr1 WHERE intime='1';"

echo $mysql_count #This is the output of this echo --> COUNT(*) 15

#from here I'm going to remove the COUNT(*)

#storing the data to the variable
echo "db_cnt=\""$cnt"\"" >> db-count.ini

Inside the db-count.ini I have this data.

db_cnt=" 7"

I want to remove the whitespace on that variable because I have script to call this variable like this and for the future use I really need the data of the variable clean.

source db-count.ini
echo "Count:"$db_cnt
Count: 7 

Any suggestion? Tips?


  • You can have mysql not output COUNT(*) in the first place with -N or --skip-column-names – dave_thompson_085 Jul 22 '16 at 5:14

To trim whitespace from the front of db_cnt variable in bash use:



$ db_cnt=" 7"
$ echo "$db_cnt"
$ db_cnt="${db_cnt#"${db_cnt%%[![:space:]]*}"}"
$ echo "$db_cnt"

You can use the syntax to customise your script in whatever way you want.

  • db_cnt inside the db_cnt? or you mean sir: db_cnt="${cnt#"${cnt%%[![:space:]]*}"}" – Edmhar Jul 22 '16 at 1:18
  • or cnt="${db_cnt#"${db_cnt%%[![:space:]]*}"}" – Edmhar Jul 22 '16 at 1:19
  • I gave you the line to trim whitespace from a variable. You can customise your script as you want. – techraf Jul 22 '16 at 1:20

A simple echo will remove space fromboth front and back

db_cnt=$(echo $db_cnt)

If you want to remove the whitespace just in front but want to preserve spaces at the end of variable, you can do it using sed as

db_cnt=$(echo "$db_cnt" | sed 's/^ *//')

Converting a line to an array and selecting it's array position will trim spaces.

while read input; do
   if [[ $input =~ COUNT\(\*\) ]]; then
       echo $db_cnt
done < input

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