I'm trying to configure mutt just for the purpose of sending short report e-mails from a command-line at the end of a cron job, on a headless server.

Most advice on mutt is how to set it up fully as your e-mail client on your local machine so forgive the (hopefully) rather obvious question.

The e-mail address is (say) [email protected] which is also the smtp user name. The smtp server as I have it (working perfectly) on thunderbird is let's say, smtpout.server.net.

If I'm to set the smtp_url in .muttrc do I have to say

set smtp_url='smtp://[email protected]@smtpout.server.net:465/'

It looks unlikely to me with two @ signs in it? And it can't be just [email protected] because that is not specify to my company.

Finally, I would add that my cron job was using mutt for years with no problem when the username was me and the smtp was smtp.mycompany.com.

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In an answer to another question on mutt, the answerer says they have no problems sending to gmail with an entry like

set smtp_url = "smtps://[email protected]@smtp.gmail.com:465/"

So it seems mutt knows about this situation. Other people suggest url-encoding the @ as %40 but perhaps it depends on the mutt version.

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