When working on linux (mint mate 17.2), need kill ibus daemon and restart it for some reason.

After that one of the editor which is a wine application can't use the ibus input anymore, while other non-wine application could.

Trying to restart the wine application or ibus again won't fix the problem. Restart the machine fixes the issue, but it's not preferred.

Wondering is it due to some kind of cache in wine or wine application.

So, any idea? Thanks.

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Finally, I have found a solution.


Run ibus-setup, then choose yes when tip whether start ibus.

This way the wine application could also use ibus.


Previously, I use ibus-daemon & to start ibus, and wine can't use it.

Not sure, what trick ibus-setup did.


In case anyone is interesting, adding option "--xim" to ibus-setup works for me. This is revealed by examining source code of ibus-setup's main.py. This is precisely the "trick" mentioned by @Eric Wang (thanks for the hint in the first place).

Running Fedora 31 ibus-1.5.21-3.fc31, wine-staging 3.21 and 4.20.

By the way, the idea of running ibus-daemon via ibus-setup no longer works; now closing ibus-setup will cause ibus-daemon to quit as well. The commit in question is https://github.com/ibus/ibus/commit/32572618cdcc36162b5769eb4c71964db9734061 "bus: Exit ibus-daemon with parent's death".

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