I originally installed Mint 17.2 KDE. After some time I upgraded it to 17.3.

After yet another time, I installed Cinnamon desktop environment and completely purged all packages related to KDE.

Now I want to upgrade to Mint 18 Cinnamon using the mintupgrade utility.

mintupgrade check


  + Checking your Linux Mint codename...

  + Checking your Linux Mint edition...

!!  ERROR: Your edition of Linux Mint is 'KDE'. It cannot be upgraded to Linux Mint 18 'Sarah'.
!!  Exiting.

So, how do I formally change the edition?


This information is stored in:


Just change this line:

EDITION="KDE 64-bit"

To the following:

EDITION="Cinnamon 64-bit"

Beware, that you will likely need to make this change one more time during the upgrade process, so be sure to have an SSH access to the machine.

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