I'm running Arch Linux/Cinnamon in Virtual Box on a Windows 7 machine. One of the technologies I need to use is WebGL. For whatever reason (that's a different issue), WebGL will not work when Display->Screen->Enable 3D Acceleration is enabled in Virtual Box. As a result, I've turned off 3D Acceleration, and am able to use WebGL just fine.

When I boot, though, I get a warning telling me I am running in software rendering mode. Is there some way to disable this warning?

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I found a more targeted solution here. In short: Just comment out or remove the notifyCinnamon2d(); line in /usr/share/cinnamon/js/ui/main.js.


I have been searching for an answer to this, and the best I can do is go to System Settings > Notifications and turn "Enable notifications" off. This does not actually disable it but puts it in the systray area.

  • Hopefully we'll get a better answer eventually, but thi does work. The problem is it turns off other notifications, too, and some of those might be good to see.
    – Mike
    Nov 21, 2016 at 23:05

Cinnamon notices that only software rendering is available but the 2D mode isn't set implicitly.
(See @Zoltan's answer)

if (software_rendering && !GLib.getenv('CINNAMON_2D')) {

in /usr/share/cinnamon/js/ui/main.js

The easiest (and probably intended way) to get rid of this warning is selecting software rendering mode in the logon screen:

Logon Screen
Rendering Mode Selection


Be careful editing main.js!! You could really screw things up, maybe make a backup copy first if you're going to try this:

cp /usr/share/cinnamon/js/ui/main.js /usr/share/cinnamon/js/ui/main.bak.js sudo nano /usr/share/cinnamon/js/ui/main.js

Press F6 to search and search for notifyCinnamon2d..

Literally just comment out this function call notifyCinnamon2d as per my screenshot link (Which I can't post because I'm under the limit to be able to post screenshots)



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