I defined my own listing mode and I'd like to make it permanent so that on the next mc start my defined listing mode will be set. I found no configuration file for mc.

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You have probably Auto save setup turned off in Options->Configuration menu.

You can save the configuration manually by Options->Save setup.

Panels setup is saved to ~/.config/mc/panels.ini.

  • Just tried this in MC 4.8.29. On every restart the listing format is reset. Auto Save Setup is ON. ~/.config/mc/panels.ini is always 0-sized. Am I missing something or is this a bug?
    – Anton K
    Feb 24, 2023 at 9:24


mc 4.8.29.

The setup saving logic is quite counter-intuitive.

The manual "Options > Save setup" seems to cover both ~/.config/mc/ini and ~/.config/mc/panels.ini.

The "Options > Configuration... > Auto save setup", despite looking similar, only covers ini by default. To make it cover panels.ini as well, you have to turn on the separate option: "Options > Panel options... > Auto save panels setup".

Thus, after setting up your preferred panel listing formats, either use "Options > Save Setup" manually, or turn on BOTH automatic ones.

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