Why shell scripts are so hard to develop? In NodeJS I could simply do:


and it will always require script relative to current script. But if I try that in shell/bash:


it will look for script relative to cwd (pwd). Seems the dot means cwd (pwd) and not the directory where current script is located as I was expecting.

line 8: ./script.sh: No such file or directory

How to execute script relative to directory where current executing script is located?

I have tried

/bin/bash script.sh

but getting error:

/bin/bash: script.sh: No such file or directory

Then tried


Got this error

line 8: script.sh: command not found

Only following solution worked fine, but problem is that it is unreadable:

$("$(dirname "$(realpath "$0")")/script.sh")

Another variant to get script dir:

DIR="$(cd "$(dirname "$0")" && pwd)"

then you can call script with

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Unfortunately that is the way to go.

Another way (which I prefer) is to cd into the current dir at the beginning of your scripts like this:

cd $(dirname $0)
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