I'm trying to write a Makefile to install the content of my folder into another on the system.

I would like to keep the same directory structure, like this.

├── a
└── b
    ├── c
        └── d
            ├── e
                └── f

I tried different options, but it does nothing

$ install -d localfolder /opt/folder
(does nothing)
$ install -t localfolder /opt/folder
install: omitting directory '/opt/folder'
$ install -D localfolder /opt/folder
install: omitting directory 'localfolder'

Can anyone point me into the right direction ? Googling 'linux install command' is not bringing any pertinent information.


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For those who wants a solution, here you go: the install command doesn't work recursivly. So I wrote a shell script that does the trick.

The first argument is the folder you want to copy, and the second is the target directory


# Program to use the command install recursivly in a folder

magic_func() {
    echo "entering ${1}"
    echo "target $2"

    for file in $1; do
        if [ -f "$file" ]; then
            echo "file : $file"
            echo "installing into $2/$file"
            install -D $file $2/$file

        elif [ -d "$file" ]; then
            echo "directory : $file"
            magic_func "$file/*" "$2"

            echo "not recognized : $file"


magic_func "$1" "$2"

It is also available as a gist here


Source side of the install is files list (according to info). So, use

install source/* /destination

-d and -D options create missed directories in the destination (with difference), -t option means that destination is the directory.

With directory option it copies each source file into destination folder with source's file name


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