I'm setting FTP server

Let say we create the CLASS A and CLASS B

making class A and class B not allowed to go other directories

chroot_local_user = yes

and I want to make a sharing folder between A and B

share/A , share/B.

How to make somespecific folder is allowed by some specific users like A or B ?


Firstly make a back-up of your /etc/passwd file doing below;

sudo cp /etc/passwd /etc/passwd.back

Locate the created user. A line should reflect as below assuming the user is A;


Replace /home/A with /path/to/share & save the file. Login as the user and see whether it points to /path/to/share by also checking for any permission issues. If permission issue persists, then add the user to the www-data group by doing below;

sudo adduser A www-data

and finally, restart ftp service.

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