In Vim (more specifically, MacVim), if I've already set the working directory using :cd and I want to open all the *.py files within that directory, is there a way to do so from within Vim? I expected :e *.py would work, but got the E77: Too many file names error. :help edit doesn't seem to offer a way to open multiple files at once, only one.


The command you are looking for is args:

For example:

:args /path_to_dir/*.py


:args /path_to_dir/**/*.py

** to match files recursively. (As suggested by @the_velour_fog)

will open all files which has .py extension in the directory.

Once the files are opened use :tab all to put them in individual tabs.

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    or :args /path_to_dir/**/*.py for recursively descend and open files Jul 8 '16 at 6:59
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    if your files are under version control and you need to exclude files from the list you can use something like :args `find path/to/dir -type f -name '.git' -prune -o -name '*.py'` . but you need to use single quotes in the backtick expression to protect the meta characters from expansion by vim - " . its a tricky business because you need to prevent the arguments to find being expanded by both the shell and vim! Jul 8 '16 at 7:16

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