I know that SE encourages single question questions. However mine seem so basic; and so related (and probably so easy to answer by an experienced cloner) that I'd like to try asking them all at once. If I am askonce of the law, I will ask them separately.

  • Space requirements: My C-drive reads "768 GB free of 930 GB" (262 GB); my wife's: 1.54TB free of 1.8 TB (.26 TB = 260 GB) If I use Clonezilla to Clone (or Image) both drives, will the space used up by a Clonezilla clone/image be (approx) 522 GB?
  • Disk requirements: (therefore) Will a 1 TB hard disk handle the cloning/imaging of both of these drives? (More specifically, can Clonezilla clone/image both drives on a single 1 TB drive?)
  • Compression One wants a clone/image to be absolutely (presumably a disksum assures this) accurate and absolutely capable of being able to restore a computer. Does employing (Clonezilla) compression threaten reliability?
  • Clone vs Image:For all practical purposes (clone diskA => tragedy => restore diskA), is there a difference between cloning and imaging?
  1. Yes, approximately 522G, or even less; how much less depends on the data density.
  2. Yes, a 1T HD will hold both images just fine.
  3. No.
  4. No, not for practical purposes.

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