I am doing a theming tool script. I want to make a selection menu of zip files (zip file contain theme) in a directory, then users will choose a zip file they want to install

Example: in /theme/zipfiles/ has theme1.zip, theme2.zip, theme3.zip (users can add more theme zip file)

And I want to list those zip files in script like this:

Choose a theme zip file to install:
1) theme1.zip
2) theme2.zip
3) theme3.zip
# When users add more zip files and this menu will display more

Then I type 1 and Enter. The theme1.zip should be installing


You could use select. First, set $PS3 for the prompt, and then, use select like a loop, breaking when you have correct data to get the desired information:

PS3="Choose a theme zip file to install:"
select theme_file in *.zip; do
    [[ -f "$theme_file" ]] && break

echo "Installing ${theme_file%.zip} from ${theme_file}..."
  • PS3=`echo -e "\e[1mChoose\e[21m a theme zip file to install:"` if you want to emphasize "choose" Jul 5 '16 at 20:56
  • I don't see any code to show the theme file directory Jul 6 '16 at 4:03

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