My /etc/exports on the NFS server:


This seems to be working as intended for the most part. Any actions done by any/all users on the client OS are being written using uid:1000 on the server.

Yet the NFS share cannot be accessed/mounted at all by the client unless the server has permissions "755" on the /home/username folder. Considering that all access/actions coming from the NFS client are being successfully mapped to the server's uid:1000 account, shouldn't "700" permissions suffice on the /home/username folder on the server? All files and folders are owned by "username" on the server, aside from /home itself.

It seems that the /home/username folder needs world read+execute permissions for the client to access it, even though all their requests are already being mapped to the owner user ("username" / uid:1000) on the server.

Have I misunderstood something here? Seeing the mapping appears to work mostly, why does /home/username need to be world readable?


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