I wish to overwrite/remap the basic vi/vim (and gvim) "cursor keys" hjkl to the ordinary "gamer layout" wasd (w-up, a-left, s-down, d-right). Moreover: I know that "w", "a", "s" and "d" are important keys in vim so I came up with the idea to remap hjkl to ALT + wasd.


On most installation I have come across:

  • ALT-something

is the same as:

  • ESC (release after press) something

So, vim commands are always "ALT-Prefixed".

But, as you have found out in the meantime, there is a way to specify this key combination in the vimrc.


Question had been solved at stackoverflow.com:


noremap <Esc>a h
noremap <Esc>s j
noremap <Esc>w k
noremap <Esc>d l

to .vimrc solved the problem.

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