I am trying to get images from a website url "www.example.com/products" in this products folder lots of subfolders there I need to download the products folder.

In the www.example.com/products, www.example.com/products/subfolders, the image is

  • www.example.com/products/subfolder1/image.jpg,
  • www.example.com/products/subfolder2/image.jpg,
  • www.example.com/products/subfolder3/image.jpg

How can I download the products folder with subfolders with data.

  • friends thanks for your replay ,, here this link "www.example.com/products" i want what the data exist in product folder i need a command for that – Gireesh T Jul 4 '16 at 12:41
wget -nd -r -l1 -P /save/location -A jpeg,jpg http://www.example.com/products

Explanation :

-nd prevents the creation of a directory hierarchy (i.e. no directories).

-r enables recursive retrieval. See Recursive Download for more information.

-l1 Specify recursion maximum depth level. 1 for just this directory in your case it's products.

-P sets the directory prefix where all files and directories are saved to.

-A sets a whitelist for retrieving only certain file types. Strings and patterns are accepted, and both can be used in a comma separated list (as seen above). See Types of Files for more information.

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Try httrack(1), a web spider that is most useful for creating local mirrors of entire web sites.

The examples in the linked manpage should get you started.

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wget -nH --page-requisites -R -nH -P mirrorDirectory https://example.com

where mirrorDirectory is the path of where you want to store the output.

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