I use screen with a simple status line. If I what to scroll, I use Ctrl+a ESC to enter the copy mode and then I can scroll using the keyboard. This works great also with multiple buffers and splits.

My question is: How can I configure screen to use the mouse wheel to scroll?

Note 1: Using the mouse wheel I can scroll inside my terminal, but this doesn't work with multiple buffers and splits at all.

Note 2: The termcapinfo xterm* ti@:te@ solution doesn't help, since it uses the terminal scrolling. This is not compatible with status line, multiple buffers and splits.

The best solution IMHO would be:

  • In copy mode mouse wheel used for scrolling, like keyboard arrays do.
  • If screen in the normal mode and the mouse wheel event "scroll up" comes in, screen switches to the copy mode and processes the event
  • If screen in the copy mode and the mouse wheel event "scroll down" comes in, that hits the bottom, screen leaves the copy mode
  • Screen status line is always visible and get refreshed (works already, if scrolling with keyboard)

screen does not know about the wheel-mouse. It only knows about keys (including escape-sequences) sent by the terminal and its keyboard:

  • screen knows about mouse-clicks (its source-code mentions only "left mouse-click"). You can read the source-code (display.c) to see that it does no more than that (this, in particular, is the only place where screen decodes mouse-events).
  • The xterm mouse-protocol will send buttons 4 and 5 to indicate the wheel-mouse. screen knows nothing about this; applications running in the terminal may handle it specially.
  • Some terminals will send cursor-keys to imitate up/down scrolling when in the alternate-screen. screen (as expected) passes this on to the application as well.

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