I have a laptop with Arch and i3 installed and a desktop with Win 7 installed.

My goal is to run a VNC server on the laptop and connect to it from my Win 7 desktop via VNC viewer and be able to use my i3config that I have setup on the laptop itself.

I have tigervnc installed on the laptop and TightVNC installed on my desktop. I am able to start a vncserver and then connect to it from the vncviewer, but here's the tricky part...

I can't get i3 to work properly on my desktop. Once I am connected to the server it displays 4 xterm instances without any proper layout (scattered accross the screen in no order). Do I have to export my i3config somehow to the vncviewer?

Unfortunately I am at work at the moment so I can't paste my .xstartup but I can do that once I get home.

Have anyone of you gotten VNC to properly work with i3? If so, how?

Just to clarify: I don't have any issues with connecting to the server, I just don't get the wm (in this case i3) to work.

TLDR; How do I get i3 to work with a Windows 7 client using VNCviewer?


I found another solution to this.

I used x0vncserver instead (which is included in the tigervnc package).

You can start the server via x0vncserver -display :0 -passwordfile ~/.vnc/passwd.

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