I'm trying to have a prompt that looks like this:

$ some-folder (patch-name):

I was able to get that to work when I did the following:

hg_ps1() {
    hg prompt " ({patch})" 2> /dev/null

export PS1='$ \W$(hg_ps1): '

However, this is what it looks like when I don't have any patch applied:

$ some-folder ():

If there is no patch applied, I would prefer for it to just look like this:

$ some-folder: 

Is there a way I can do this?

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You can make the output of hg_ps1 be conditional on the results of the hg command e.g.

  typeset prmpt=$(hg prompt "{patch}" 2>/dev/null)
  [[ -n "$prmpt" ]] && echo " ($prmpt)"

You can use the following to show applied and unapplied patches:

hg prompt --angle-brackets "<patches|join( → )|pre_applied(${COLOR_BROWN})|post_applied(${COLOR_NC})|pre_unapplied(${COLOR_BLACK})|post_unapplied(${COLOR_NC})>"

Choose the colours you want, e.g. I use the following:

COLOR_NC=$'\e[0m' # No Color

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